Info on Dodger Stadium Covid Shot [Los Angeles, CA]
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Hi Hive! I just got an appointment for relative's COVID shot at Dodger Stadium... many questions: When should I arrive for 11 am appointment? How long have the lines been at that time of day? Are there bathrooms available? thanks for any advice.
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Best answer: My mother got her first shot there last week. She had a 9AM appointment. The line of cars was unimaginably long, but she was out in an hour. She didn't mention any bathrooms available, I'd doubt it.
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Oh, and she got there at 8:45.
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Best answer: My in-laws were there for two hours (including the waiting period after the shot) for a 6pm appointment last week. They arrived 30 minutes early. No mention of bathrooms. Bring a snack.

Given the lack of clear, timely communications from local, state and federal government, Claudia Peschiutta of KNX1070 has been using her twitter account as a great clearing house for sharing information about vaccination in LA.

Given the total absence of logistical competence from local, state and federal government, it might be worth keeping an eye on Carbon Health, which is the private company that is running the show at Dodger Stadium (and other City, but not County, vaccination sites).

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Best answer: I took my parents last week. Their appointment was at noon; we got there around 11 and they were vaccinated by 11:45. It was easy, fast, and super organized. There ARE porta-potties. (I saw one at the front of the line, like when you're in the pod of cars to get the vaccine, but I believe there are some in the line outside the parking lot, too.) Everyone was really friendly and FAST. Congrats on getting that appointment!!!
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Best answer: If you're concerned about nature calling while you're at the stadium, check with your doctor about OTC AZO w/phenazopyridine to delay answering that call.
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Easy Peasy-thanks for all the info it was all spot on.
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