Another shopping hunt: Ace bandage edition
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Some time an unknown number of years ago, I likely emergency-bought some Ace-bandage-like elastic bandages (either in New England or the Bay Area, probably). They have disappeared in the wind the way these things do, and I cannot find them again. No idea what brand or anything they were, but they had 2 features (a soft foam-ish lining, and a separate velcro-ish closure) that I am unable to find.

These were superior Ace bandages. They were probably 3" wide (more or less), and while the outside looked more-or-less like a normal Ace bandage, the inside was lined with almost a white foam? That was soft and comfy and stretchy. But the thing I liked best was the closure: It had a separate velcro closure. A maybe... 1.5" square bit of velcro that was separate/detachable and you put it on at the end (it was not just that the last 1/2" of the bandage was velcro, this was a separate, removable closure).

Anyway, while these may still be in my house somewhere? They didn't have any branding or anything on them anyway, and I cannot find them again. Do you know what these may have been?
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Best answer: I know exactly what you mean! CVS’s website is a nightmare so I can’t give you a link but the one I have is called “CVS Health Breathable Comfort Wrap.” Walgreens seems to have a similar “Comfort Wrap” product.
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Response by poster: OH MY GOSH that's clearly it!! Now to find one in real life but thank you!
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Available on Amazon. I am pointing to a variety pack (2, 3, 4, and 6 inch sizes) as it's cheaper than a single 3 inch 10 pack.
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