The Seven plots, corporate style
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Dear Ask Mefi movie buffs - I'm looking for examples of movies or documentaries involving actual corporations, entities or products that fit each of the seven known plots. See below the fold for the ones I could think of right away.

What I've had so far are
- Overcoming the monster - Silkwood, Erin Brockovich
- Rags to Riches - The Pursuit of Happyness, Joy (about Joy Mangano)
- Comedy - The Devil Wears Prada, The Gods Must Be Crazy
- Tragedy - Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Would you please help me with:
- The quest
- Voyage and return
- Rebirth

If you have suggestions for movies fitting any of these seven plot categories, I'd love to hear!
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Best answer: Voyage and Return - Castaway (FedEx)
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The quest - Catch me if you can
The rebirth - Eat, pray, love
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Best answer: Whoops, just realised corporate, so scratch Eat, pray love. Catch me if you can still works if you consider the govt in its aspect as a corporate entity, since Abagnale winds up working for them after caught.
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Best answer: Rebirth - Moneyball
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Best answer: Voyage and return - Argo

The quest - A Civil Action
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The quest - Fame
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Trading Places seems like a great choice, but where to place it in these 7?

It is a comedy, but also has elements of Rags to Riches.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I appreciate all the answers and marked the ones to round out the gaps in my examples.

Marking as complete but welcome more responses.
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The Quest - Locked Down (2021), about a jewel heist at Harrod's.
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I haven’t watched it (sorry) but from the trailer, Ford vs. Ferrari seems like a Quest story, if it’s not Overcoming the Monster.
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Margin Call for 'the monster was us all along'
The Big Short for the Quest
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The Wizard is a quest and also a long Nintendo infomercial.
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Rags to Riches - The Social Network (Facebook)
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Rags to Riches: ... Annie?
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