I can hear the lyrics clearly, but search turns up no answers
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TL;DR -- I'm looking for the singer/band and name of the song being used in the montage that begins at the 57:54 mark in QuizzleMania XV.

I can hear the lyrics pretty clearly, unless my ears deceive me:

Have you ever felt you're missing the dream?
Have you ever wished your life was like the movie on the screen?
Filled with heartbreaks and fights
Through Hollywood nights (x3)

But even when I search for a phrase, I get only partial matches. If I include the last line, the results are flooded with Bob Seger mentions. Can anyone name that tune?
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Best answer: Courses - Hollywood Nights

posted by macapes at 3:49 PM on January 30, 2021

Best answer: Playing the audio into my phone, Google identifies it as Hollywood Nights by Courses.
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Response by poster: Well thanks, you two! That explains why I couldn't find much about it: the label it's from, Epidemic Sound, provides royalty free music and sound effects, so the track wasn't commercially released in the usual way (which also explains why WrestleTalk could make repeated use of it).
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