Hello, what can I do with all this edamame?
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I had two bags of shelled edamame in my freezer from last March's initial pre-lockdown panic shopping trip. I assumed this would be gross by now so I thawed both bags, intending to then throw it away. However, it's all perfectly fine, and now I have 2 pounds of thawed shelled edamame. Besides randomly snacking on it as I pass through the kitchen, what can I do with it?
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Best answer: This pesto is pretty good, and way less fat than normal pine-nut pesto.
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I love this really simple Moosewood recipe- Pasta with Broccoli, Edamame and Walnuts. It's a standard at my house. We often add more edamame or mix up the vegetables involved, it's pretty flexible.
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Edamame hummus!
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Throw it into your favorite stir-fry!
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I am successfully using up all of our Costco edamame with a recipe for kimchi fried rice. Scroll alllll the way down and the recipe is listed here.
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Best answer: Roast some for improved snacking!

I am also partial to pasta with butter, a splash of pasta water, seasonings of your choice, cheese (parm on top, or mix in something that melts), and roasted edamame.
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Please check the instructions on the bag to ensure that these edamame have been cooked before you eat them straight out of the bag; otherwise you should follow the cooking instructions before eating them. Raw edamame contain an enzyme that wreaks holy havoc with human digestion and can be rendered entirely safe by steaming or boiling for 3-4 minutes.
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Edamame in pasta is delicious! I can't find my exact recipe right now but I love making pasta with edamame, mint, lemon juice, and parmesan (and plenty of olive oil). Delicious hot or cold.
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sprinkle with grated parm and garlic powder and eat with a spoon
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This edamame avocado dip is delicious!
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I made this cold salad the other day. It was fast and tasty.
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mix edamame, feta cheese and dried cranberries - more edamame than anything. add a small glug of olive oil, salt and pepper. back when get-togethers were a thing, this was one of my go-to dishes and it was almost always one of the first things gone.
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Best answer: Can you bake them or dehydrate them into snacks, esp. if you marinate them in some sort of sauce first?
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I like to throw in a handful of shelled edamame when I make (instant) soup ramen. It simultaneously increases the bulk, nutrition and perceived fanciness of the meal.
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Pinch of Yum has a great Thai inspired chopped salad recipe that uses a whole bag of edamame. Especially good with those Thai spiced chili lime cashews from Trader Joe’s! http://pinchofyum.com/chopped-thai-salad-sesame-garlic-dressing
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Edamame rice.
Mix edamame into rice (you can cook both together or cook each separately and then combine). Add salt, butter, other flavorings or toppings, etc.
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I have low standards for edible meals, and so I would have no qualms in bagging it up into single servings, and tossing them back in the freezer. I wouldn't toss it back in en masse, as it'll probably freeze into a solid lump.
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