Will I get a package that was sent to the wrong country?
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I ordered an item that was shipped from Ireland. It has my correct address and ZIP code but during the international routing process, the "CA" in my address was misread as Canada instead of California, and it was routed to Canada for sorting. Is there any likelihood that Canada Post will re-route it to me?

Basically what the above says. Because the tracking number is from the Irish post office, I have no tracking data for this package since it entered Canada on the 22nd. I'd like to know if there's any hope here. I know that if an issue like this happened domestically, where the package was sent to the wrong state, it would probably be fine, but I don't know if countries are in the habit of re-routing international packages...
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Best answer: I had a package routed to Western Australia instead of Washington State, USA. It got there eventually.
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(by there, I mean it showed up in WA, USA. It took a while.)
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Best answer: Pretty good chance. We all know Canadian zipcode don't look anything like ours. When they see the 5+4 zip they'll get forwarded back to the US.
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About a year and a half ago, my husband sent his niece in Sweden a birthday gift. There was some issue with the Swedish post office where they thought it was from a company instead of a gift, and wanted to charge the recipient a fee for customs, and the recipient didn't have the money, so it sat in the post office in Sweden for ages. When she came up with the money, the package was nowhere to be found.

About 4-6 months after he sent it, it arrived back at our house in the US one day with absolutely no warning. So I think there is hope for you!!
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Best answer: Yes Canada post is used to that error. They will reroute it, however their main processing facility just had a covid outbreak with 350 employees sent home (probably more at this point). So that may cause additional delays.
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Do you know where it entered Canada? I’ve have good experience actually calling the sorting warehouse delayed packages might be sitting in.
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Best answer: With COVID times packages and parcels have been going weird and wonderful places, but that has been true in the before times, too.

Postal services want to deliver packages to the end point, it's not like they will say "no matching address here" and lose it. They forward it on.
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Best answer: A package was sent to me from Nevada to Chicago in July. I got it in December and it had a stamp that it was misrouted to Thailand so I'm with the others that it is likely it will make it to you, eventually. :)
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There is apparently ALWAYS hope for misplaced mail.

Just yesterday, someone in my hometown received a package of photos his mother sent him.

She's been deceased for 20 years. And mailed the photos in 1985.
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Best answer: A few years ago I got a package that had been rubber stamped: Accidentally Sent To Myanmar. I was impressed that I got it, but amazed that so much mail goes to Myanmar by mistake that they have rubber stamps.
But a lot of people in post offices seem to be very dedicated. I think you'll get it, sooner or later.
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Yes, eventually. I once wrote a letter to my aunt in Dublin. But my handwriting was so bad, "Dublin" got read as Dubai. The envelope went to Dubai and was eventually returned, maybe three months later.
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Have you tried entering the tracking number on Canada Post's website? When I've ordered items from the US, their tracking number works on Canada Post's website once it crosses the border.
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Response by poster: It arrived today!!
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