Searching Google Drive for a partial number
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How do I search Google Drive for a bank account number when I only know the last four digits?

My first stimulus payment was direct deposited into an account I no longer own. It took 5,423 years to get a check (OK, 8 months). Because I recognized the last four digits of the account number, I knew which bank it was and started my journey to get the money.

My second stimulus check has been direct deposited into an an account I don't recognize. It says, for example, that the check was deposited to an account with the last for digits 1234 and I don't have any bank accounts that end in that number, so I don't even know what bank we're talking about.

I might find this account number in my digital paperwork, but I don't know how to search for it. Searching for 1234 won't work. Searching for *1234 doesn't work. I am able to test my search criteria by searching for the last four digits of an account I know exists in the paperwork. The documents regarding this account do NOT come up when I use only the last four digits.

If I use the whole account number, no problem. And, it's finding the account number of PDFs, not just Word documents or other programs.

I'm trying to figure out how to tell Google "search Google drive for a string of numbers that end in 1234"

Any ideas? I need to begin my 8 month hunt for my stimulus check, but I don't know which bank to start with.
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This happened with me. The account number I didn't recognize, however, belonged to H&R Block, with whom I did my taxes last year. H&R Block turned the deposit around to me within a day or two. You could try looking at your tax preparation service's website or otherwise reach out to them if you think that's a possibility.

That having been said, to answer your direct question, I think you would simply type those four numbers into Google Drive. Google will index the contents of nearly every type of document, and I've seen it pick up partial word/number fragments too.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I did type in the four numbers and it didn't turn up anything. But, when I typed in the last for digits of an account that I know exists in Google Drive it also turned up nothing.
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Best answer: If you can download a copy of your documents (via google takeout?) you could use non-google tools to search through them.

Alternatively if you remember the names of the banks you've had accounts with, you could search for relevant documents that way and put together a list of past account numbers.
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Response by poster: Downloading is the perfect idea. Thank you!
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Great, I hope you found it!
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