Dress me like my edgy dreams
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I have a style that I love, have explored, but cannot for the life of me seem to find where to buy or exactly how to make regular things cool in the way I want. Shopping sites? Inspo? DIY?

I’ve tried a lot of ~fashion~ but I’m finally, in 2021, at 30 I’m doing what 13-year-old me would have loved. (Thinking about those jeans I found in the early 00’s with eyelets and o-rings down the calf…I’ve really always wanted this.)

A mix of rock, goth punk, grunge, retro/vintage, western, outlaw, alt, with pops of color and weird. Overall I’m very eclectic and like to mix and match different aesthetics in that rage. Instagram is linked in my profile.

I don’t like things that feel costume-y or too much like halloween. I can’t stand pentagrams or crosses or astrology or “witchy”. I don’t like Killstar, some Restyle is okay for somethings, Straight to Hell is more similar but they have few items.

I want effortless, comfortable style that shouts “Damn, that girl is cool.” I find many women’s things are not edgy enough (or at all) but menswear is often ill fitted on my body shape though I have a bit of it.

I’m mostly looking for tops. Some accessories or jewelry. I’ve got jeans, boots, jackets, and (excessive) bandanas covered.

1. What are your most fav edgy DIY’s -? 

I’m fairly crafty but I don’t like making things from scratch. 

(For example I have things on the way to do a reverse tie dye on some black items. I saw a great TikTok about making a corset on your shirt with safety pins. I've added trim to shirts.) 

2. What are some good (more inexpensive the better) to shop for clothes or shop for inspiration for that edgy rock style? Do I just have to scour through other sites till I find that one piece (this has been what I’ve done in the past.) I love small businesses too! 

Thrifting is inaccessible to me right now or other in-person shopping. Online vintage can be hit or miss and I can’t risk something like smoke smells.

We're, ya know, in a panini press, panoramic, pandemi, so I'm trying to balance out spending and effort here but I also really love fashion and it's one outlet I have right now.
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Small business also on Etsy: My Aunt Debbie might have some accessories/jewelry of interest.
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I get a touch of a pin-up/rockabilly vibe from your look, so maybe places like Atom Retro or the rockabilly section of Rebels Market would have some cute pieces.
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Haven't tried any of these myself, but some DIY ideas:

DIY no-sew wrap crop top

Here's a list of no-sew t-shirt transformations--they're probably mostly not edgy enough for you, but you might like the off the shoulder top or the back-slit tank top

Honestly WTF has a ton of cool, often designer-inspired DIY ideas. Maybe you'd like bleach ice-dyeing or metal collar tips?

As far as inspiration/shopping: I find my Pinterest recommendations are pretty good once I've curated some boards for myself with the types of looks I'm going for. You could also try asking in the daily questions here for recommendations. Nooworks, paom.com, Dusen Dusen, Big Bud Press, or Gorman might scratch the colorful clothing itch for you but they're a bit pricey... also check ban.do, ASOS, or Modcloth (a bit more hit or miss stylistically as sometimes they run very nerdy/twee but I bet you can find things that will fit your aesthetic there). Maybe marcellamoda for the gothier end. I've found some surprisingly great printed button-downs in the Old Navy men's section sometimes, like this. You might like the Target house brand Wild Fable, like this cropped embroidered sweater tank, and there can be some interesting pieces in their Who What Wear brand.
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Learning all the ways to repair your own clothes can add a great grungey/punk-y vibe that also helps reduce waste AND you can do it in whatever colors you choose - hot pink or neon green contrast stitch? Why the hell not?
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Just to redirect a little - I’ve spent years in pinup and I have items from big bid press. I’ve checked nearly all mainstream stores like Target - though they occasionally have something. Most of that style is far too cute and femme and fussy. I want someone to think I’m in a rock band. More James Dean than Peggy Olsen. Like - western boots, blousy retro 70s western top, big belt buckle, layered necklaces, and a moto jacket kinda vibe. (See Justin Johnson - the interrupters - bridge city sinners ) like
Old west meets rock and roll. Outlaw punk chic. Just vibes with less fussy pieces. I’m just really struggling to find that style right now.
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Some jackets at Free People can have that greasy old rocker vibe. Edited to add that I know they're really expensive but I figure you can use Pinterest to find similar looks from other designers once you have some photos narrowed down.
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Does Lucinda Williams's style resonate with you?
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Funky colorful necklace from Ten Thousand Villages.

I've been looking at peasant blouses (one interpretation). Might be a useful search term for you?

Fringed shirt from Shepler's. Does anything from Johnny Was speak to you?
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