Help me to throttle zoom and google meets?
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Zoom is a massive data hog. My recent experience trying to do zoom meetings on a throttled network went just fine. I'd like to throttle zoom and google meets always to 1) save data when I'm on limited networks 2) to make it so that when all members of the family are on online class/work meetings things go better. How do I do this?

I got so far as to figure out that there are third party apps that can do this, but can't figure out the best way. Any advice?

It's for my mac (big sur) and a windows 10 machine.

Simply turning off HD or turning off my camera in zoom is not what I'm looking for. I really want external control.
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Google meet's settings for video let you set your upstream and downstream video separately. Lower down options on the menus seem to be less data.
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I have had good luck with NetLimiter for Windows, which allows you to set a firm bandwidth rate for a given app. Basically start low and increase until you get a useable experience.

I am not a MacOS user, but it looks like there's a way to do this in Chrome on MacOS for free. So that would work for Meet but not zoom.
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Best answer: NetLimiter seems to be the choice as it supposedly lets you set max transfer speed per application, even in the lite version, according to their chart. However, the Lite version is $20, NOT FREE. The Pro version is $30.

The only free solution was TMeter Free.

Here's the HowtoGeek article listing them
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Best answer: Murus Firewall gets props for Vallum, its management tool. The web site has a Lite download with per-app/per-process throttling, plus more extensive editions at a couple of price points.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone! I'm making progress. For mac big sur there is also snail made by murus:
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