Vaccine-positive information for reluctant healthcare workers
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I am in Oregon, supervising caregivers who fall into the 1a category for covid vaccinations; that is, the vaccine is available to them and they are encouraged to sign up to receive it. These are caregivers who work with a vulnerable population who are generally at a much higher risk for covid complications, but a surprising majority of caregivers are reluctant to obtain the vaccine. Any (preferably) videos you can point me to that might convince them to give it a go?

Their concerns include any of the following: they "don't trust what's in" the vaccine; they are fearful of its side effects, and they feel like they and their clients are at a low risk for exposure to covid.

I already received my first stab and I am thrilled!... but I also have an anxiety disorder (this is so much fun /sarcasm) that is bringing me near panic when I am looking for easy to understand, convincing YouTube videos on the vaccines' efficacy and importance in terms of actually achieving herd immunity etc., so I would really appreciate some help sourcing good info.

This question is obviously premised on the vaccine being a DAMN GOOD THING TO EXIST and for all-who-can to obtain. The challenge I'm running into is that there are just as many cheesy sources providing contrary "evidence" -- there's shitty media on both sides, and my jittery heart can't take it.

Thanks in advance for any links to *easily accessible* videos (vetted sources, but not too academic or intellectual).

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You said "preferably" videos, so I hope you don't mind this news piece and the Twitter thread it's based on:

Article: I'm a Black doctor who didn't trust the Covid vaccine. Here's what changed my mind.
Twitter thread
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Check out the down east medicine podcast. He did a nice two-parter debunking some of the misinformation out there about the vaccine.

Also, tread so lightly here, please. This is extremely personal.

I think for my coworkers who refused the vaccine it's from a combination of : a growing chasm between bedside frontline workers and management; feeling powerless in scary clinical situations and wanting to take some control back; and having no more faith to place in a new vaccine after a roller coaster of a year where the lows keep getting lower.
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Dr Kimberly Manning (another Black doctor) works in Atlanta and has a lot of people who are vaccine skeptical for many reasons. She put together this really friendly and chatty video that speaks to how it works and dispells some of the myths about it in language that is easy to understand and is speaking to some of the concerns she's heard from people in her communities. I learned some things from it. It's really more about how the vaccination actually works than herd immunity, but it does make it clear that it's NOT doing a bunch of negative things that people have said it does.
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Vaxx Now! is pretty good. Lots of fast informative bullets with links to more in depth information.
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Dr. Megan Ranney's FAQ thread
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Not video, if audio is ok, the latest Sawbones podcast is about talking to people who are vaccine hesitant:

The COVID-19 vaccine has finally arrived and there are, dishearteningly, too many that are on the fence about getting it. This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin provide a guide for talking with those who are vaccine hesitant and how using a kind, empathetic approach can help them see the light (and the antibodies).

Sydnee McElroy is a medical doctor in family practice.
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Not a video but a look at 4 myths around one of the vaccines, on The Conversation.
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How about a virtual town hall with Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts? Here's a link to register for the event sponsored by South Florida PBS on Thu 01/27/21 at 7:00pm, also livestreaming on YouTube and FB.

You can submit your own questions. I've already done so. I'm pro-vaccination, but hope to learn more so I can answer questions from friends and coworkers who say they're too scared to get vaccinated.
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Short film made by Adil Ray and featuring a number of prominent members of the British Asian and other BME communities.
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