Batch Job Scheduling Software needed
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We use Ad Tempus to schedule and report on success/failure of batch jobs. When it works, it's grand but when it fails, it causes me so much pain.

I need something that, failing total system failure or the internet explodes, will work unattended and always notify me if any of my jobs have an issue.

It also needs to be able to send files via email upon completion of a job that produces said file. Does such a thing exist?
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How much are you looking to spend? Also, do you have any mainframe integration?

If you answered both questions "YES," I have good experience with ASG-Zeke/ASG-Zena. Zena is really robust and you can do a hell of a lot with it, but may be too expensive or overkill for what you want to do.
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Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was so mad when I posted that I didn't even think. Nothing like having your automation software crap out to seal a typical Monday.

Anyway... no mainframe. Just Windows 2000/2003 servers and really simple batch jobs. It's the reporting that is very crucial. If something fails, we've got to know ASAP.
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I use a combination of the Windows Task Scheduler and Blat to accomplish what you're doing. Blat is a freeware, open source, command-line SMTP email client for Windows which does exactly what you need. Just tack a line onto the end of your batch job invoking Blat (with the appropriate command-line options), and it'll email out your status file.
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