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I'm trying to think of a 1950's tv show about a man that involved still cartoon drawings. His name may have been something like "Winslow"
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Something involving Winsor McCay, perhaps? He did great comics (see Little Nemo), and dabbled in early animation -- his Gertie the Dinosaur is one of the first, from 1914.
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My World and Welcome To It, starring William Wyndham (?) as a Thurber-esque cartoonist?
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Not '50s, not really still, but I wonder: La Linea?
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Puddledork is referencing this underrated 1969 show.
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Was it the "draw along on your magic screen at home" cartoon Winky Dink and You? Host was Jack Barry.
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I agree with puddledork. You're probably thinking of My World and Welcome To It, starring the great William Windom. It was loosely based on the life and work of cartoonist James Thurber. Not the 50's, though, but time has a habit of getting garbled.
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