Recommendations for extended travel insurance.
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I need good travel insurance! I'm going on a round-the-world trip and need medical, repatriation, and baggage coverage.

I was going to use World Nomads, but I just found out that they no longer offer their Plus insurance to residents of the U.S. and Canada (which allowed you to insure laptops, cameras, etc. beyond the normal coverage). They will only cover $500 TOTAL for valuable items (laptop, camera, phone, etc). That doesn't even cover half the value of my laptop, let alone the camera and phone. So now it seems pointless unless I can also get additional insurance to cover my valuables.

Does anyone know of either 1) supplementary coverage for laptops or 2) a travel insurance company that doesn't put the $500 limit on valuables?
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InsureMyTrip lists an absurd number of travel insurance plans. That should give you at least some direction as to other companies to look into.

(Personally, I used Medex's TravMed Global plan when I travelled to Mexico recently. But I was only using it for the medical, not for baggage coverage.)
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Safeware policies should provide extended coverage for your gadgets and property.
I used CSA for my trip, and when my laptop and camera were stolen they covered it to my policy maximum and dealt with the crooked Chilean cops for me, so while it wasn't complete coverage, I still recommend them highly.
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Travel Insured International covers, I believe, $1000 on personal effects. I used them when I was doing some extended traveling - I never had to make a claim but they came highly recommended.
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I was nervous about the same thing the last time I went on a long foreign trip. I ended up getting a "personal articles" rider on my renter's insurance policy (discussed in this thread). It costs me $30/yr to cover $3000 worth of camera equipment (I don't have that much, but that's the minimum coverage), and covers it in a lot of situations the renter's insurance wouldn't.
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