Quote about sexism and musicians in the 1970s?
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Not long ago a quote floated through my social media sphere, pointing out that amazing female musicians in the 1970s like Charo and Dolly Parton were sold as much as sex symbols as musicians, and that amazing male musicians like Bob Dylan didn't have to put up with boob jokes. Today my google-fu is failing. Can someone help me find that quote?
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Best answer: It was that Dylan and Jerry Garcia didn't have to put up with dong jokes. From this FB post by actor French Stewart:
Years back - I was tapIng a game show with Charo. I love Charo. And Charo was going Full Charo. “Coochie. Coochie!” The whole nine. I was just so happy to watch her up close.

At lunch — we sat in her dressing room. Amazing. She said she was getting ready for a state fair. Then she pulled out her guitar- and absolutely shredded some flamenco. I was momentarily stunned because I forgot — that’s the thing she actually does.

Same with Dolly Parton. I grew up knowing her as a good natured, boob joke victim. Not one of our greatest artistic treasures. Which she clearly is.

I guess my point is — Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia weren’t required to have a catch phrase — or spend 10 minutes on the Tonight Show getting peppered with dong jokes.

It’s a fraction of why your sister is mad at you. Let’s take the criticism already. Good Lord.
[Google-fu methodology: Search term — about five results down]
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There's been a clip of Lady Gaga from 2009 floating round my social media lately where she talks of the discrepancy between how women and men in rock are perceived.
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Response by poster: Thank you, beagle!
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