How to serve leftover pizza at breakfast?
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We have a tradition of eating the takeout leftovers from the night before as breakfast the next day (chilaquiles, cheesecake-stuffed waffles, spaghetti fritatta, etc.) However when we get pizza we always end up eating it straight as warmed up pizza for brunch. Anyone have any actually tested treatments for pizza in the morning? (Putting it on a bagel has been considered.) (Just slapping an egg on it isn’t beneath of us but that’s just about the only other idea I’ve had.)
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Best answer: Best method for reheating pizza is cast iron pan or flat griddle or comal.
Start with a slice, cheese down in a dry pan, until the cheese softens and the oils come back out; perhaps letting the toppings char a teeny bit.
Then flip it over, and let the bottom sizzle and get crisp on the now-shiny surface.
Can make it better than fresh.
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Best answer: First of all pizza is an entirely acceptable breakfast food as-is. It's bread with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings which is totally breakfast in many parts of the world (including my house.)

But if you want to get silly with it, you could make maybe a savory bread pudding thing with chopped up crusts and pizza flavors. I could also see floppy thin crust pizza cut into long strips, twisted and re-baked into crunchy pieces you could dip into runny yolks, a kind of egg with pizza soldiers. If there's a bunch of toppings but the crust is very meh you could scrape the toppings off and use them are omelette fillings. None of these are tested.

The one funky breakfast pizza thing I have actually done is attempt to reheat it in a waffle iron. It did not end well.
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Best answer: You could cut it into strips or little squares and then fry those up with egg and maybe some other veggies. Or use them in fried rice. Or stick them into a frittata, or use pizza as the crust for a frittata or quiche. (I have never tried any of these, they might be terrible.)

You could also roast/fry some extra toppings and upgrade the pizza. Or layer pizza strips and new toppings to make a kind of mini lasagna. Maybe sprinkle in a little extra cheese that's especially melty or stringy to help everything stick together.

Options depend a little on the doughiness or crunch of the crust you're dealing with.
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Best answer: French toast it, maple syrup optional.
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Best answer: I second the "bread pudding" option. I like to chop the leftover pizza into squares. Then I make an egg mixture - eggs, salt, pepper, maybe a bit of cream. Add the leftover pizza to the egg mixture, put it in a buttered casserole dish, maybe top with more cheese, and back - probably at 350 for 30 minutes or so.
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Best answer: In my house, we have the Pizza Omelet. Crack a couple eggs into a buttered frying pan, put the pizza cheese side down on that and cook to your desired egg doneness. Flip, wait until hot and maybe a bit crispy on the crust side, then serve with hot sauce.
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I'm confused. You don't just eat it cold out of the box for breakfast? I thought that was the only way to do it...
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For breakfast, you have to eat it cold. Otherwise it is just a very early lunch.
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Best answer: Pizza eggs are soooooo good. Seriously. Pizza. Eggs.
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Pizza petites:

Cut it into little bites, maybe 1" x 3", and heat it up in the oven on the cookie sheet. Maybe lay a sheet of foil loosely over the top to protect the cheese and other ingredients from scorching while the crust comes to full heat.

Heat in oven until the cheese becomes melted again, maybe 9-15 minutes at 375 Fahrenheit?

You could also preheat the cookie sheet to send more heat to the crust without overcooking the top.
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Best answer: The best way to eat pizza for breakfast is cold, with peanut butter. Meet me in the parking lot if you want an ass-kicking. (The ass kicking is when I give you a slice of cold pizza with peanut butter and you enjoy it.)
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Best answer: I think putting two slices together face-in and griddling them is delicious. Works well in a waffle iron too.
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Best answer: Ok, I'm back because I was intrigued by pizza eggs, happened to have leftover pizza and was ready to eat. Pizza eggs are good. Cold pizza with peanut butter is better.
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Best answer: I don't recommend pizza drenched in syrup, but the teen child of mine who tried it said it was good...
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Response by poster: I can’t eat cold pizza!! Just can’t do it. Though MAYBE with peanut butter...

We made an omelet out of cut up pizza squares this time but looking forward to trying many of these!!
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