Does this type of writing group exist?
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Looking for a virtual writing group specifically for humanities or social sci doctoral students trying to finish their dissertations, more details inside.

I no longer have contacts at my institution for a number of boring reasons, nor am I especially close with any other grad students at roughly the same stage of the writing process as myself. (My social circle is extremely the opposite of academic/scholar types, and I intentionally avoid all social media for mental health reasons). Looking for a group that meets on Zoom a few hours a week or so, no other requirements, but def not interested in groups for other types of writing at the moment.

Please feel free to DM if easier!
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Yes, you want Focusmate (not academic specific though, but I know a lot of grad students/academics who use this). You get three 50min sessions per week for free.
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There's a company/group called Academic Writing Club for exactly this purpose.
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Shut Up and Write is an accountability org that helps set up local sessions. I used to go to a weekly session at a local bakeshop, pre covid, and there were usually 1-2 grad students working on papers or dissertations. Other people might be working on novels or screenplays or whatever, it's just a community of local writers who want time to, well, Shut up and write.

They've continued via Zoom in this era, so I guess you could even join a non local group if it fits your schedule. Or host a write-in yourself!
posted by basalganglia at 4:29 AM on January 24 [1 favorite] has regular writing challenges and has recently expanded their content for grad students and post docs. Check if you have an institutional membership.
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