Where should a gardener shop in Canada - online & catalog?
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I'm finally able to garden again! Hooray! But most of the companies I'm familiar with are US ones and I'm in Canada now. Where can I order plants and gardening supplies?

Recommendations should all be companies based in Canada (or at least with some kind of subsidiary here - I don't want to deal with any cross-border nonsense).

I can't drive so they need to have a good online or paper catalog and delivery to the Sunshine Coast.

I do primarily ornamental gardening, but am planning a bit of a cottage/potager/kitchen garden as well.

I'm looking for places that sell supplies and equipment (seed starting, garden carts, etc) as well as high quality seeds and plants.

I've got some botanical training and like weird plants from all over, but I want to have a pretty large selection of native plants.

I like beautiful garden tools and equipment made from natural materials, if possible.

I love companies that send catalogues that have a lot of information in them about cultivation, history, use, and care, or are hyperspecialized.

Right now, I'm especially looking for an (attractive) seed starting light stand and other equipment.

Bonus points if the company is coastal or island BC.

I'm familiar with Botanus, Lee Valley, West Coast Seeds, and Baker Creek.
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Best answer: I order from Vesey's but they're out of PEI. I'm sure there is someone out on the West Coast.
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Best answer: I haven't ordered seeds in a long time but we always ordered from the big Vesey's catalogue (based in PEI) when I was young, and it looks like they're still going strong.
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Best answer: Richters is in Ontario, but they're a reliable Canadian source for seeds and seedlings. Their catalogue is useful and informative, too.
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Many years ago, there was a dahlia farm on the Sunshine Coast, I think it was north of Roberts Creek, on the way to Sechelt on the west side of the road. They had hand made signs up when the flowers were available. I remember going and buying bulbs galore. It's worth a look, just to wander through the flowers.
There are a few nurseries on Vancouver Island that carry interesting products. Russell Nursery seems to sell more products and supplies than the others. They are closed in January.
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Best answer: Salt Spring Seeds has some really interesting things. The 1000 year old tobacco they have in medicinal plants is fascinating!
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Lee Valley for good quality tools
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Best answer: I have been extremely happy with T&T Seeds. I second Lee Valley for tools.
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The Botanus (Langley, BC) catalogue is in rotation here along with T&T, Vesey's and Lee Valley.
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Best answer: Was going to mention West Coast Seeds but I see that you're familiar. I ordered from William Dam, they're in Ontario.
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Best answer: Breck's Bulbs for bulbs - since 1818!
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Lee Valley are on line and you can order a physical catalogue. All their stuff is high quality and highly recommended.
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