How to stay sane with one foot out the door at job
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I'm currently pretty unhappy at my job at a small company due to some management issues (CEO is micromanaging my team and directly contradicting priorities set by my manager). Morale on my team is very low, priorities are unclear, the company is not doing very well and I have no room for growth here. In short, it's past time for me to leave.

I'm actively interviewing for other jobs and I believe I'll be able to find something within 6 weeks or so, but I'm struggling with how to stay sane in the meantime. I used to be able to let the silly disagreements and low morale just roll off me, but they're starting to wear on me more and more and interfering with my ability to do my job effectively, and I've started to dread meetings. I don't have much motivation to work at this point. The fact that I'm working from home and spend 95% of my free time at home as well makes it very difficult to distract myself from work stress even in my free time. I've considered just quitting, but I'm worried that not being currently employed will make it more difficult to land another job.

I actually like my immediate manager a lot and he's more or less aware of the issues, but the biggest issues are beyond his ability to solve.

I'm looking for tips or ideas for staying sane in this job and managing my stress levels until I can land a new one.
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I'm sorry. I'm unhappy at my job as well. And possibly on my way to a new job, like you. But I love my colleagues. Can you tell yourself to hold on for the sake of your colleagues? Can you work for now at least to benefit them?

Allow yourself to put in only a half-hearted effort.

Also, allow yourself to feel anger and hatred privately towards the CEO. If you're a highly moral person you might be reluctant to do that and it might feel weird, but that can really help get the stress out. Literally, lie there in bed and let yourself feel and say "I hate you, I hate you I hate you!" Feel your feelings. Your feelings cannot hurt this person. Which makes it a safe and productive (for you) thing to do.
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Once you are pretty sure about leaving, just do the bare minimum. Don't worry about being highly effective, just coast. Care less.

Alternately, keep score. Set up a game board of all the horrible things and keep track each day of how many you see. Did you beat yesterday's score? Or set it up like a bingo game.
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Take sick days, mainly Wednesdays.
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Can you take some time off? Just to refresh you in the short run.
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