Эй, ухнем! Song of the Volga Boatmen, please
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Someone mentioned this song in one of the threads related to the sea shanty trend. I love it dearly and fondly remember one of my Russian teachers in St. Petersburg teaching us to sing it while he played the guitar. All I can find on youtube is grandiose versions (ie. Red Army Choir) but I'd love some versions with just a person singing along with a guitar or piano. And some casual (but spirited of course) versions of people singing in a group with great harmonies. Please set me on the right track?

So, I'm not great at googling stuff in Russian. Maybe that's my problem. If you give me some links and also give me the best search terms (with Russian I can copy paste, or a good english-alphabet transliteration that would help) I would be greatful!
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Response by poster: I found this. It's absolutely holy and might sustain me for the rest of my life. https://youtu.be/snWIML5_1Oc

When I said casual, I guess I really meant anything in a non high classical genre.
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Best answer: https://youtu.be/QM-mY4qfPBo

I also thought this band did a version but maybe not. Either way they're worth checking out as they made some absolute stonkers

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Best answer: This quintet is great -- great harmonies:

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Best answer: Among very American versions, Paul Robeson's is interesting.
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