US citizen residing outside the US - name change
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I'm a dual US-Canadian citizen looking into changing my last name, but not reverting to my maiden name. What are my considerations on the US side?

I am currently seriously considering a last name change and it's fairly straightforward in my province. However, I'm a dual citizen with the US.

When I got married I changed my name associated with my SSN fairly easily, though I did have to mail my marriage certificate and Canadian passport in which was uncomfortable but it was returned safely and quickly. Will there be obstacles if there's no marriage certificate and if my last name will be different than my maiden name? I'm finding this difficult to Google!

I don't have any US bank accounts and I currently don't travel on a US passport, mine expired long ago and before I was married so I didn't work through the name change on that, but I may get it renewed on a trip to see family sometime in the future when travel is a thing again.

Are there any other considerations that I'm not thinking about from a US government perspective? I reached out to my US tax accountant to find out about any IRS issues so I should be covered there, I think.

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