Juvenile snake ID help?
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There was what I assume is a baby snake outside when I got home. It's still there. Any idea what kind it might be? Picture here I wouldn't think it was the time of year for baby snakes (January in Virginia).
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Looks like it's this guy, based on the keeled scales: Rough Earth Snake. They live almost entirely underground, so probably don't hibernate in winter. Looks like they're harmless and mostly eat earthworms.
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Well crap, maybe I shouldn't have brought it inside. It hadn't moved for 3 hours and it's going below freezing and I thought I was helping. At this point I don't know if I should put it back outside now or wait until the sun comes out in the morning. It has a small wound, but is active now that it's in the warm house.
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The warmth is good if you google wounded snake. You got any compost with worms?
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Nope nothing
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I would keep it inside and release it at the warmest part of the day tomorrow or maybe the next day if it's forecast to be significantly warmer.

Maybe give it a capful of water or a damp sponge, it can go several days without food no problem.
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Sent this to my biopsych partner; they said keep it inside for the night, but if it’s wounded it would be best to take it to a wildlife rebab place in the morning. They can keep it safe until the wound heals and release it then.
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Update: I called the Discovery Center (licensed wildlife rehabilitator, part of the local city park system) and they recommended releasing it based on its size and the size of the injury and its activity state. I will probably wait until tomorrow which is supposed to be a bit warmer, and look for an appropriate place near the woods in the back.

I didn't even know about the center before now, so that will be a useful resource going forward.

Thank you for the help :)
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Thanks for the update! I'm glad that little guy found you :)
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