Is there 300,000+ psi, low temp hydraulic fluid?
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I’m looking for hydraulic fluid that is usable at 335,000 psi, -31°f to 190°f. I have not been able to find any rated higher than 150,000 psi.
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Best answer: Dow Corning 200 is used in diamond anvil cells at pressures well above your requirement and the lower viscosity versions have pour points below your minimum temperature.
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It’s not billed as hydraulic fluid, but have you looked at krytox 106?

It’s a perfluoropolyether with a pour point of -36°C and can tolerate 240+°C. I’d guess it’s stable at 335,000 psi, but it might be very hard to contain.
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Isn't krytox a lubricant?
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[adoration of Metafilter intensifies]
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