Funny / punny Valentine's gifts
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I need about 6-8 little presents that tie-in with Valentine's day, that I can hide around my beloved's living space. Details and an example below the fold.

Smallish, so they can easily be hid or be unobtrusive just sitting out.
Inexpensive, please; I'm going for quantity and cuteness, plus the delight that arises when one is discovered by chance, and even a few days early/late.
DIY-ish is fine.
Amusing and especially good would be incorporating a pun.

What sparked the ask -- I saw was a small globe with gold letters stuck to it reading, "You mean the world to me."
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This isn't Valentine's specific, but Smiskis are these adorable little glow-in-the-dark Japanese dolls that are posed to integrate with random places around the house. I have a couple, and have been pleasantly surprised that they don't really get dusty. If you want to make them more Valentine's specific, you could tape speech bubbles to their heads.
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Here's a couple links ranging from 'you do the work' to 'not cheap'.
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Pictures, drawings, dime store animals ("Honey, deer have antlers -- but whatever!"), dime store musical instruments (bonus points if they actually work).
What is your sweetheart's favorite color? Get a spool of ribbon and tie bows on the items, then scatter them about in Easter egg hunt-fashion.
The catch? Over the next months you (or your sweetheart) produce the little -- horny -- object, with a big goofy smile... it's a hint... take it from there.
"Did you tell my mom I've taken up playing the trumpet? Because she opened the kitchen drawer and found all those pictures... You're so cute when you giggle...."
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Lego minifigs are adorable, poseable and not expensive.
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A friend of mine wrote "you're my everything bagel" on a pic they drew of me and I thought it was so cute! You could get a little shaker of everything seasoning, or some bagels or a giftcard and write that on it!
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Check out Valentine's Day gifts made by children for their parents. Some will be editable for your purposes.

Here and here for example.
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