Another name for Exquisite Corpse?
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I want to use the Exquisite Corpse drawing game as part of an online activity for children aged 8+ that I work with, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a less-scary sounding alternative name for it, and Google isn't turning up much in terms of alternatives.

I know it has a long history of being called this and I'm aware of the historic origins of the terms, but I just want to find something a little less off-putting for children/parents/carers who haven't encountered the game before and might be put off of opening a PDF by the name!

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Exquisite Form
Exquisite Animal
Exquisite Human (if sticking to humans)
Exquisite Anatomies
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We called it the Monster Game when I was a kid!
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Best answer: We played that as kids and never called it Exquisite Corpse. We called it Paper Monsters.
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When we've done it (with writing) for kids, we call it "cooperative storytelling". You could call it Cooperative Drawing.
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Best answer: I had somehow never heard the name Exquisite Corpse before. I'd far rather play Paper Monsters.
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"The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine."

Call it "Drink the New", then.
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My partner knows it as “heads, bodies and legs” while I can’t remember what we called it. I thought “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” might be quite droll. Sometimes known as “picture consequences” after the similar writing game “Consequences”.
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How about "Build-a-Creature"?
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Best answer: As lokta mentions, I knew this as "picture consequences" after the writing version when I was a kid, but I think "paper monsters" sounds more fun.
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we called it "Eat Poop You Cat"

I don't know why.
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Response by poster: 'Paper Monsters' it is. Thanks all, that was a massive help!
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dismas, we call Eat Poop Cat when you give someone a sentence, they draw it and then give the next person the image, for which they write a sentence, and so on. Funny.
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Stray -- maybe that's what I was thinking of!
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Monster factory? (just throwing it in the hat in case paper monsters doesn't stick.)

Also wanted to add in, if you want a variation on exquisite corpse, we've played where one person (not drawing) narrates each section to the drawing people. e.g. "Okay, the head is sort of like a turnip, but has bat ears... etc etc" then fold and pass, "okay the body is furry but only on one side, and it has three navels..." etc. It's a fun break from just drawing whatever you want, but more challenging in a way. You can take turns being the describer.

Hope the kids have fun!
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Heads Bodies And Legs is the game you're talking about. I always thought Exquisite Corpse referred to the storytelling game where each person picks up the tale after the previous person finishes.
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