Help me remember this brand of beer!
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Dad used to drink a specific brand of beer 10+ years ago, and I can't remember what kind it was!

I believe it was a German beer, but very well might not have been. The bottle was short and stocky, similar to Red Stripe, with a similar colored glass.

It's most unique characteristic was a small picture-word game on the under side of each bottle cap. Something like a picture of a police badge + a picture of an X under a blanket = "undercover cop," with the solution left out so you could guess. Horrible example, I know, but hopefully you get the idea.

Unfortunately, Dad's completely clueless when I describe this to him, and he claims to have no idea wtf I'm talking about, so he's not much of a help. Anyone out there have any idea what beer I might be talking about?
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Pearl beer had a picture-word game but was a cheap American lager.
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Ranier Beer also had these rebus-style puzzles under their caps. Here's a website with solutions to those.
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Ballantine also had the puzzles.
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Lucky Lager, too.
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Looks like pearl & ballantine were both made by pabst. FWIW, a case of pearl just sold last week on e-bay for $20. I'm not sure when they stopped making the stubbies
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Sterling? Gerst? Wiedmann?

All were made in Evansville, Indiana and about 10 years ago were on the list of your budget beers as the Brewery in Evansville was in its last death throes. All used the cheaper, stubby bottles at the time as they could get them cheap from the local manufacturer who was also on its way out.

I recall buying a full case of Wiedmann in about 1996 for $4, let me repeat that in case I was unclear, I bought 24 of the fat stubby bottles of Wiedmann for four US dollars. So, if your father is a connoisseur of the, shall we say, more thrifty brews it might have been one of these.
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The puzzles and the shape of the bottle sound like you're describing Lucky Lager.
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Could also be Olympia Beer, as I remember drinking it in the stubby bottles Red Stripe-ish bottles. Here's a page showing the puzzles from both Ranier and Olympia caps.
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I think it might have been Lucky Lager.
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Nope. It's Haffenreffer.
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I'll get you someday, tom_g, if it's the last thing I do!
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Green Death. Drink two and the puzzles become impossible.
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>The bottle was short and stocky

i seem to remember the bottles being tall and chunky
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Up until they closed in the mid 60's, the main Haffenreffer Brewery in Boston had a free, open to the public, tap. People could literally just stroll up with an empty pitcher or barrel, fill it and go.

God that must've been great ;-)
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Ortlieb's used to have that stubby bottle, and under-the-cap rebuses as well. It was the beer of choice for my gang of college chums at the time (early nineties) in Providence, RI. I think the brewery shut down around '93, though.
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I think Falstaff used to have short bottles with puzzles on the caps in the late '80s. They were owned by Pabst at that time, according to the internet, but I can't find any pictures. I do remember drinking alot of it though and they came in yellow plastic crates, I think. But like I said, I was drinking alot, so I may be mistaken...
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Jesus... I had no idea there were so many brands with short, stocky beer bottles and puzzles under the caps. Unfortunately, none of these are ringing a bell, but I'm leaning towards Pearl.

We lived in San Antonio, TX, and there was a brewery there. That's my bet. Though Dad drank many, many cheap beers!

Thanks everyone!
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Um... yeah, if you had this beer in San Antonio, Pearl is definitely one to check out.
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