How do I get Zoom calls on my iPad?
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Asking for a friend. The speaker on her macbook doesn't work. She has a macbook, an iphone and an ipad. Only the macbook and iphone talk to each other. So when she has a Zoom meeting, she has to use her phone but would rather use her ipad. Is there a setting that would enable this? I can answer any questions. They all use the same AppleID
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You can join a zoom meeting from several devices. Just download the zoom app to the iPad, send the meeting ID to that, join it from your computer, then join it from the iPad. Use the sound on the iPad. You show up twice on the Participant list, but that doesn't matter for anything I've ever experienced.
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How about headphones, earbuds or a cheap bluetooth speaker?
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I am definitely lending her my snowball mic
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You can start zoom on the iPad or Macbook and then call in using the iPhone for the audio. You can also send tha call to another device if you want to. Here are instructions to make and receive calls on your Mac, iPad, or iPod touch.
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I frequently use an iPad that is set up with my husband's account - if I want to do a zoom meeting on the iPad and I have the meeting link on my phone or computer, I just use iMessage to send it and then open it on the iPad. You can iMessage things to yourself too!

Depending on how you've got them set up (what OS they're using, etc.), you may also be able to copy from one device and paste to another.
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I think you need to be more specific about what the goal here is. What does it mean that "Only the macbook and iphone talk to each other"? Do you mean the handoff where you can pick up a call to an iPhone on your MacBook? The iPad is perfectly capable of doing audio and video on the Zoom, is there a reason she doesn't hook up a headset to that and use it for both? Typically audio into the room is a bad thing, both because it then gets picked up as feedback and also because it's harder for you to hear.
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There is a Zoom app for the iPad which should be 100% of what your friend needs to complete this task. I share wnissen's questions, is there something special about this situation that requires more than that?
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Your friend can do this, even if the only device she owned were an iPad. First install the Zoom app on the iPad. Your friend will need to log in to the app using the email and password associated with her Zoom account. Once this is done, the Zoom servers will ensure that meetings that your friend has created in the (same) Zoom account on her laptop will also show up in the iPad app, and her profile information will be the same (so that invitation-only meetings that she's accepted via her laptop will also be accessible from the iPad app).

I've found that a handy way to transfer loooong Zoom links (e.g. with encoded meeting passwords) from a laptop to an iPad is to paste them into the event descriptions of my Google Calendar, which I have on both my laptop and my iPad.

The iPad Zoom app is a little more clunky to use if your friend needs to run a meeting (e.g., you have to touch an icon each time you want to see the chat or participants list), but it's fine for participating in a meeting, and it's great if you need to do any "chalkboard" type drawing on a shared screen during the meeting. For the latter, I join the Zoom call from both my laptop (for the chat and administration functions) and separately from my iPad (so that two of "me" show up in the meeting), disconnect the audio on my iPad (your friend would do the opposite of this!), and then "share screen" on my iPad and then switch into the Notes app for drawing/writing. I like the Notes app with share-screen better than the Zoom whiteboard.
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The iPad Zoom app is a little more clunky to use

Can confirm. And I don't think it does anything like screensharing or running breakout rooms or even a decent gallery view if you have more than a few people on the meeting. As said above, you can absolutely sign into a meeting from different devices at the same time.

Sometimes I do this if I want to run something that my laptop can do that my Linux desktop can't, like using a stylus to annotate a document in front of a class. So I keep my desktop on and make my laptop the cohost for sharing, etc. and it works just fine. Sometimes when the wifi is being angry at me I'll use my iPad for video and sound and then just screenshare from the desktop.
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