Help me find sites like
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Help me find sites like

Basically looking for cool, original, design inspired shirts. If possible - on the low end of the pricing spectrum.

Any suggestions?
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Try the many previous threads on threads.
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Preshunk and it's all about the tshirts.
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Amorphia Apparel by our own Jezztek.
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I like enclothe.
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Sodium Apparel
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HA! I just went on a t-shirt buying bender (7 total in last week!)

This is where I was looking:

Nerdy Shirts

Busted Tees


Palmer Cash


One Horse Shy

Tshirt Hell
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Oh, and not to forget design your own (or not) at SpreadShirt
posted by lannanh at 11:45 PM on March 27, 2006 Woo! They let you pick the from a bunch of different pieces of clothing (dresses, t-shirts, tank-tops, hoodies, underwear, babywear, bags etc.), then you pick the colour and size, the typeface, what you want your shirt to say and some optional graphics.

They're not like those services that let you get any graphic printed onto a t-shirt, but I think their simplicity is their strength. Plus, their clothing is soft and great quality.
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Amorphia Apparel is awesome.
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From my personal bookmarks. Most in the $10 - low $20s range.

Defunker - threadless oldies & rejects
Human Empire - beautiful and often cartoony illustrations
Imaginary Foundation - pricey but uniquely surreal
Invicid - cool new '06 stuff
iso50 - * my favorite *
k adorable - constant rotation of new basic designs
kinsey visual - hip-hop urban painted illustrations, reminds me of GTA:VC *shrug*
LaFraise - threadless via France, high shipping cost but great designs
Monsiuer T
Mule Design - squid overlords, etc.
Naature - very nice abstract line art; L and XL remaining for $10
Naive Clothing
No Star
Owl Movement - collage madness
Panic - pixelated geekiness & official Katamari Damacy tees
Robata Brand - extremely detailed work built around science themes
Squarewolf - my inner geek (hearts) the bell curve graph tee
Tank Theory
Ten Bills - It's all about the Hamilton's, baby!
The Quiet Life
Veer - typography & typographic symbols
weebs - stylized colorful body organs
White Frog - squids, elephants, and robots, oh my!
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Print Will Kill - New shirt design battle site. Shirts run $15.
70 Star 7 Industries - Half money goes to charity and artists are amazing. Limited Edition Tees.
Only 50 - $25 shirts limited to a run of 50 shirts.
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