Building With Climate Change in Mind
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Does anyone know of a detailed online map showing the future effects on North Africa of the ongoing change in sea levels?

I'm looking for predictions of which land, if any, in Egypt will be covered by a swelling Mediterranean Sea or Nile river, with predicted dates, the bigger the better, preferably with enough detail to compare to a political map and see which cities will be affected.
(I want to build a house near the coast in Egypt that won't be under water in, say, the next hundred years, even according to the gloomiest predictions.) Thanks!
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Here you go. Drag the map over to the place you are interested in, and set it to the level you want the water to rise to see what will happen. (Most of my nabe in Manhattan will be fine even at 10 meters, woo!)
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Crud, sorry, it doesn't seem to work with Egypt as well as NYC.
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How about this one?
(Can't get it to work for me this morning, worked fine for Mexico last week.)
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Better build it in stone. I think the rising sea level will be the least of our problems. Accompanying the rising tide will be such severe weather that a Katrina-grade hurricane will prbbably become the equivalent of a brisk rain shower.
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CunningLinguist, that is a neat tool, thanks.
Floydd, I couldn't open it for some reason, but thank you.
any major dude, wow I didn't even know there were hurricanes in the Mediterranean. Maybe we'll just keep a boat on the roof:-D
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