Looking for Men's Mental Health Services in Los Angeles
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Struggling and self isolating right now with personal issues amplified by Covid/Politics and am looking for low-cost, non-faith based, mental health assistance for men in the Los Angeles area. Organizations that sponsors men's support groups will also work. And if anyone knows of any inspirational on-line videos or podcasts, that would be appreciated.
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Local website Laist has a pretty good starter list of mental health resources for those seeking help. I didn't see anything specifically for men, but it does list no/low-cost options that are non-faith based.

Some podcast recommendations:
The Happiness Lab
The Science of Happiness
The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks

These podcasts are not explicitly inspirational but they have helped me reframe my mindset away from despair and towards one of gratitude, positivity, and more actionable steps that have helped me push through some hard times. Otherwise, low-key comedy podcasts have been really helpful, too.

Things are rough right now, for the reasons you mention. I hope you get the help you need and know you're not alone!
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Sharing additional resources from the city of Santa Monica (not necessarily Santa Monica-specific) that may be helpful.
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