Point me towards Instagram lingerie models over 40.
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I mostly use Instagram to follow body positive or explicitly fat positive accounts, especially those who post revealing (and beautiful) pictures of themselves. This adds great joy to my life and helps me continue to recover from my eating disorder! I have noticed, however, that there's not a lot of age diversity among these models. Do you know of any IG models, ideally scantily clad, who are older than 40? (Influencer/hobby/small-time types - I don't want to follow older supermodels like Christie Brinkley.) If they're fat AND old, that's even better!
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Best answer: I'm sure there are plenty of more glamorous, explicitly body-positive, quasi-political accounts out there... but if you're looking for a steady stream of fat clothing content, you could do worse than the fat sewing community. And specifically, the fat lingerie sewing community! It tends to be an older group who has the patience and resources to sew their own lingerie and it tends to be a fat group who can't find what they're looking for from ready-to-wear retailers.

Start with @munaandbroad (this is a sewing pattern company). You could also follow the related hashtags: #KapundaUndies #WarantahUndies to see what people have made, or to find models.

You could also check out @CurvySewingCollective. They don't directly post what you're looking for, but they follow other accounts (@thefullfiguredchest for example) and other hashtags that might yield the results you want.

OR, if you're looking for people who specifically use the word FAT then check out @styleisstyle (Lydia) and @MarielleElizabeth (Marielle). They are both younger, but they post beautiful photos. Lydia's outfits aren't very revealing but Marielle posts a lot of underwear/bikini/half-nude images.

And this also has nothing to do with sewing, but I also LOVE @BoarLord for their sheer audacity/artistic photos.
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Best answer: This is a FB friend of mine that may fit the bill: https://www.instagram.com/curvyconfidentcarmina/
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Best answer: Shoog McDaniels (@shooglet) identifies as 40 and fat, they/them, and posts their photographs of beautiful large queer bodies, often underwater. They aren't lingerie shoots so much, but are full of feelings.
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Best answer: Kathy Jacobs meets your age but not size criteria - she is 57 and the oldest "rookie" ever selected for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. (SI has been doing a LOT of work on diversity & inclusion in its swimsuit issues, including size diversity, in recent years due to their badass editor MJ Day.)
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Response by poster: These are all excellent, thanks so much!
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Best answer: My friend's hairdresser is also a part-time burlesque dancer and mom. One of those three things takes the majority of her feed. IG: carmen_calientebq
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Fuller Figure Fuller Wardrobe is a little younger than you suggest, but she does a lot of lingerie shots. You may also want to follow the lingerie company PlayfulPromises, who use a lot of larger models including Felicity Hayward.
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I love Idaho_Amy's recreations of the Hilda pinups. She posts gorgeous skimpy/nude photo shoots too, e.g. under the stars, and in a pumpkin patch.
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Lots of gorgeous people in the burlesque/lingerie world -- I'd start going down some IG burlesque rabbit holes and seeing who you can find.

Here are a few folks I follow:
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