How to break in to voice acting
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So it turns out my kids is really good at portraying a character through voice. And he enjoys it. How does one then work this to finding work as a voice actor?

My teenage son is really in to quite a few roleplaying games, (D&D, Vampire Masquerade, various others others) and now we are in lock-down he has been playing online at home. And we have discovered he has amazing skills in voicing different characters - not just accents and different genders but he seems to really have a knack for portraying character through voice, if that makes sense. He has no interest in 'acting acting' but was quite interested when I mentioned voice acting. He is in the fortunate position that if this is something he wants to do, for now he can do it as a part-time, casual gig rather than as a pay-the-bills thing so I think it would be a good time for him to explore possibilities.
Any suggestions or pointers on how one breaks in to this industry?
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An couple of tips gleaned from an acquaintance of mine who is now a working voice actor:
- The National Audio Theatre Festivals offer great learning and networking opportunities.
- Acting is an important part of voice acting, so it's very useful to take acting classes. Even if you never intend to do "acting acting", the skills you learn will be crucial for auditioning and playing voice parts.
- Local production studios can be a somewhat more accessible place to get experience doing local commercials, voiceover, etc.
- It's a very competitive business, so he should be realistic about the challenge of breaking in, and do everything he can to hone his craft.
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Bailey B. (instagram dailybaileyb, youtube, and does voice acting and has talked about it on her channel before.

Not sponsored, I don't know her, I've just followed her makeup channel for years.
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Book: There's Money Where Your Mouth Is - the author Elaine Clark is a top voiceover talent. Her website w/ pointers to great resources is
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Mark Evainer has a lot of experience writing, directing and producing cartoons, and he keeps a blog where he's done a number of informative posts about breaking into voice acting. Here's one.
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He might enjoy the online Masterclass being taught by Nancy Cartwright on VoiceOver acting. I think it costs $90.
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