What to do with unneeded Ikea Luroy bed slats?
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I'm removing an Ikea bed and wondering if there's anything creative/interesting to be done with the bedslats? They're 28 pieces of slightly curving laminated wood, 27" or so long. Quite pretty in my opinion, structurally solid and I don't want to toss them. But what to make? Something for 6- or 8-year-old users would be nice but not required. Assume half-decent woodworking skills but limited time.
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Is it rigid? Can you curve it into some kind of half nook. Maybe nail it into the wall and display art at from different slats. Thread it through with string lights. Turn it in to a headboard.
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A wobbly rope bridge that you hang between two trees?
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Curve it into a cylinder; staple or sew or glue the ends of the fabric together; and then glue, weave, or drill-then-thread stiff wire (e.g.) around the circumference at the top and bottom to hold it (roughly) in the cylinder shape. Set it down on the floor, and it's a simple barrel/basket (~20" wide by 27" high) for storing stuffed animals or toys or laundry or...? Downside: pick it up and everything just tumbles out in a pile (or is that a bonus?). You could fashion a bottom out of plywood or any other sheet material, but I'm not sure how to fasten it securely.
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Are the slats flexible? I have woven slats through a piece of chain link fence that I put in my garden. It looks pretty cool.
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Hang it on the wall to hang art projects from?
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They make a fantastic wall rack to hang things from with hooks or plain twine. I've seen that with plant pots, but toy bins could be done the same way. Or toy bins within reach of the littles and plants above?
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maybe post on r/ikeahacks asking for suggestions?
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