Identify this novel.
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This should be an easy one. I'm trying to remember the title, and author, of a sci fi / cyberpunk novel I read a few years back. The book started in Galveston, Texas, then moved on to guys in the Caribbean running ecosystems on ships. I think it also involved an escape from Hong Kong on a ship, and later, jail in Mali. Oh and while you're at it, reccomend some lesser known books with a similar vibe, if you can.
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The book you're thinking of is by Bruce Sterling. It's called Islands in the Net. For other stuff like it, you might read other Bruce Sterling books, especially Heavy Weather, Holy Fire, and Distraction.
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Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling?

A more recent novel that struck me as similar in some ways was Whole Wide World by Paul McAuley.
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Yeah, Islands in the Net. Just read that, actually. Fun stuff. I definitely suggest you check out his other work. My favorite of his is Zeitgeist. Not exactly sf, but severely strange.

Characters vomit currency at several points.
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Maybe you should check out books by John Courtenay Grimwood - his books are along a similar vein.
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Recommended reading for those interested in how things might go down post Peak Oil.
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It definitely sounds like Islands in the Net. For an older but still surprisingly prophetic take on similar themes, I recommend The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner. It's a classic but so much of it has come true, it's scary (and it's a good book, read-wise).
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Hardwired, by Walter Jon Williams is a very similar cyberpunk-style, though it's closer to Neuromancer than Islands.

In some ways I liked it better than Neuromancer, despite the cheesy cover. (Tell me they didn't use Dolph Lundgren as a model...) but it's well-written and posits some unique nuts and bolts to the cyberpunk genre that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Loved this book, I did.
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Yes, it sounds like the Sterling book, but Stephenson's Cryptonomicon wold probably also grab you.
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I second the recommendation for The Sheep Look Up.
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Voice of the Whirlwind by Walter Jon Williams is also good. I'd recommend Vurt by Jeff Noon (bizarre but very good) and the Takeshi Kovacs novels by Richard Morgan.
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