Initials on the Old Oak Tree: a survey
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I'm just curious: For those of you who have romantically signed your initials and a loved one's in a public place (e.g., not your backyard or your own driveway), where did you do it and are you still with your co-signer?

Obviously I don't want you to say anything actionable, so feel free to be vague — for instance, if you inscribed your initials on the Statue of Liberty, just saying "a statue" will be fine. But on the other hand, feel free to supply all the details you think are interesting.

I'm not particularly interested in other kinds of signings, such as just your own name or initials (e.g., "John was here") or the initials of members of a non-romantic group.
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On the handrail above the water at a viewpoint in Manatee Park in Fort Myers, Florida. We are no longer together but knew we wouldn't be at the time of signing; I was to move away in a week or so and it was our last trip together. Kayaking among the manatees was incredible. Thanks for the reminder, it hadn't passed through my mind in some time. I am glad our names are there next to each other.
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My wife and I honeymooned in Switzerland. We went hiking in the Alps one day, and we improbably happened to come across a bench with both my pretty uncommon last name (which she had just taken) and the name of the state I grew up in/we lived in at the time already carved into it. Seeing this as an omen, we added our pet names for each other inscribed in a heart. We are still together six years later.
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On our 25th anniversary, we spent a week at Verana. At the time there was a wall along the pool, with a surface just soft enough that many others had scratched their names into. We added ours (hername+myname in a heart). That was fifteen years ago, so I kind of doubt the names are still there.

We celebrated our 40th in November.
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We carved our initials inside of a heart on a wooden pier at White Rock Lake about a decade ago. We still live near the lake and we are still together – 29 years this year.
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In college, on Beta Bridge. Painted: my name loves her name. Big letters. New messages are painted almost daily on Beta Bridge so my handy work lasted just long enough for me to show her. We lasted 9 years altogether, 7 after the bridge. Not still together although in middle age have become texting friends now that we are both divorced.

Also put a message on a minor league baseball stadium scoreboard between innings. My then wife looked at the board and said, "Look, someone has the same names we do!" Palm to face. That lasted another 20 or so years. Have not spoken to her in a while.
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On a small island on the Gulf coast of FL there is a large heart on the beach made of large white clam shells. It is tended by beach goers and there is a cup of markers so you can write a message on one of the shells. Twice I have put our initials on a shell along with the year 1968. Married for 52 years and still crazy (about each other) after all these years.
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Wood beams at Harry's Chocolate Shop (a bar) at Purdue University late in our senior year - 1989. Our 30th anniversary is later this year.
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In 2000 my then husband and I bought a tile with our names that was mounted on the Epcot (Walt Disney World) Leave a Legacy monoliths.

Many years later my current husband delighted in dragging me to its location and pointing it out. On every trip.

I was pleased when the monoliths were pulled down a few gears back.
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My husband (I am told) carved my name in a desk at his high school, with a contraband pocketknife, before we were dating, his junior or senior year. He just turned 50; we've been married 25 years.
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Most recently a dead tree at a campsite we enjoyed this summer, and over the years: tree at a family summer home, a wood pillar at the apartment I lived in briefly at the time we met, a wood pillar at the Halifax harbour front, several already-vandalized picnic tables across Canada, a bathroom at a bar which was also already home to multiple sets of initials...and many snowdrifts, although those aren’t around anymore of course. We are celebrating our 7 year anniversary this month. The only instance I know of in which my partner was the initial-carver, was in the newly poured cement of a bus stop outside the apartment we shared for 3 years. I miss that place. We own a house together now though...we have not vandalized it yet with our initials but I suppose all the illicit fun would be taken out of it!
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We wrote our initials in a slab of wet concrete on a sidewalk on 26th street in Manhattan in 2013. It's still there, we're no longer together.
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Thanks to everyone for your answers. They were much more optimistic than I had supposed, and some were quite heart-warming.
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