Why won't this Logitech unifying receiver work with its mouse?
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I have a Logitech MK540 keyboard and mouse combo at my office. I liked it well enough that I just got one to use at home. The new mouse doesn't scroll as smoothly as the one at the office, so a co-worker dropped off the work mouse. I thought it would connect automatically with the unifying receiver, but no dice.

I've tried all the usual fixes like rebooting, turning the keyboard and mouse on and off, and removing the receiver and replacing it in the USB port. Batteries seem fine, too. Googling seems to suggest it will work with up to 6 devices, so what should I try to get the old mouse to work with the new receiver?
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1) Double check you actually have a unifying receiver. Logitech gaming (and some other devices) have dedicated USB receivers that look like unifying receivers but are not.

2) Logitech instructions for adding devices (repairing) to a unifying receiver are here
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The receivers have a bit of flash memory, and know what specific individual devices they are supposed to talk to! (Think about an open office environment where a dozen people, each of whom has a mouse and keyboard, work within 10m of one another.)

If you buy a device and receiver together, they're pre-registered and Just Work. If you want to mix and match, you need to follow the instructions tiamat linked above.
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Echoing the above, you need to pair the mouse with the receiver. And note that most Unifying devices can only be paired to one receiver at a time, so when you go back to the office, you will need to pair with that receiver again, as pairing it at home will unpair it at work or vice versa.
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