App games for 2.5 year old
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Help. I am stuck in an airport with my ex-husband and my extremely active 2.5 year old who missed his nap. Our flight is delayed 4 hours. Can you recommend a game I can download on our tablet for him ?

He's over watching tv.
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Piano kids by Orange studios, Owlie Boo, and Sago mini Friends
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PBS Kids app is the goto for kid-safe games for various levels. Just download the app, then there's plenty of games you can download within the app.
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anything sago mini
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There are a bunch of TocaBoca apps my kids loved at that age (and my oldest was an extremely active kid), specifically the kitchen one and the train one. I also highly recommend Endless Alphabet.
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Anything by Sago Mini. The "Sago Mini World" subscription is good if you have time to download all the modules before going offline. Anything by Fox & Sheep. TocaBoca Pet Doctor. TocaBoca Robot Lab. TocaBoca Mystery. Bubl Gelato. ThinkRolls is good if you can help teach some gestures.
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2nding anything Sago Mini.
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If it's an Android tablet my niece and nephew love the extremely simple, free, ad-free, trademark-violating emoji matching game Doda the Exploda.
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Seconding anything TocaBoca, or Endless Alphabet -- both of my active kids loved those as toddlers. Also Duplo Trains, if they still make it.

A non-app idea, speaking as somebody who has spent far too much of their life in airports with overtired toddlers: if you can buy a little thing of bubbles or a bouncy ball and find any clear floor space, you can work out a lot of energy in a contained way by blowing bubbles at them or throwing a ball around and letting them fetch.
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Petting Zoo is a gentle but fun silly animal petting app.
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I've had Magic Flames, Magic Liquid or fluid simulators, and other touchy-y apps. A plink-y piano app will be popular but will also sound grating after a while. Not as grating as fussy crying.

You can probably find Benadryl, and it's generally considered safe, and can ease a kid into sleep in an emergency. trusting strangers on the web being a not-great idea, you could call your pediatrician. You still have a flight to get through.
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We love the Duplo World app! It's like playing with Duplos without the mess.
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Asked a couple of days ago: Setting up iPhone for 2 year old
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Almost forgot: Crayola Create & Play is surprisingly good.
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