Instagram accounts that post cocktail recipes
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Hi! I'd love to hear about your favorite Instagram accounts that post quality cocktail recipes. Big bonus if the account posts actual recipes directly in their posts (as opposed to "link in bio"). Thanks!
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Right now typewrittenrecipes is posting [not]Dry January cocktails from a 1930s book.
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Michael Ruhlman has a Friday cocktail feature including a video of him mixing the cocktail.
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David Lebovitz isn’t exclusively cocktails, but they’ve been heavily featured to promote his new book Drinking French.
Some of the text posts do include the actual recipe and he also has lots of videos and live cocktail hour posts making the drinks.
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Stanley Tucci!
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@ginbeforebreakfast is one I've followed for awhile, and I just found @highalcoholcontent by clicking through on a comment on one of the former's posts. Seems like #cocktailsathome is a reliable hashtag for finding recipes.
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I like Today's Tipple. He always puts the recipe in the post.
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My friend Sother Teague (@creativedrunk) does regular AMAs in his IG stories with recipes. People ask him things like "what's your favorite variation on a Negroni?" or "I have this obscure amaro. What should I make with it?" and he drops knowledge all over the place. They are highlighted as AMAs on his profile page.
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