Where can I buy heavy-duty, clear pink vinyl?
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I want to make a table pad out of thick plastic, like this. But clear PINK, not just clear-clear. Plenty of vinyl gauges come in clear hot pink, but maybe not 80? I’d go down to 1.5mm, but I don’t really think thinner than that is going to serve my needs. I would be willing to piece together smaller pieces if it doesn’t come by the yard.... Please hope me!
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Do you have any "TAP Plastic" in your area? If not, maybe their website can custom order for you?

If they don't come in pink, I'd ask them if existing clear pad can be colored, either with a film or with dye manually.
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If you can’t find pink, perhaps a layer of pink cellophane under it? Film and theatre supply stores sell many colours as “lighting gels”.
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I was also going to suggest TAP Plastics! It appears to be a west coast operation, which may be frustrating for OP. However, they do take orders online for shipping. In my experience, they're very helpful on the phone so perhaps you can call their 800 number and see if they have any products that could meet your needs? They also seem to offer samples by mail for very modest prices.

That said, plastics companies seem to be small-to-medium businesses across the US, similar to and only slightly more obscure than HVAC companies or specialized lumber yards. If you look up "plastics" in the local yellow pages (or... whatever people reference these days instead of literal yellow pages), you'll probably find a place within 10-20 miles that can help.
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Canal Rubber and Canal Plastic in Manhattan carry a lot of this kind of thing - might be worth giving them a call.
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