#1 Guide to Refinishing
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Looking for the absolute best guide to furniture/wood refinishing. I have some experience and some success but I'm looking for more in-depth than what your standard home handyman blog post can offer. Theory, practical steps, special tools, etc. Book form would be best, unless there is a consistently excellent web or magazine source. Thanks!
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This blog post is far from comprehensive, but it includes some discussion of "finishes you can apply while naked" (natural non-toxic finishes, many of them old traditional ones) which are omitted from all the modern finishing how-tos I've read. So I guess I consider it the "missing chapter" that is necessary to make anything else complete.
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Best answer: I got a lot out of Fine Woodworking’s The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing.

I also got a lot out of a digital subscription to Fine Woodworking, as it gave access to the complete archive, which included lots of articles and advice on finishing.
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Best answer: Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner
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Best answer: I highly, highly recommend the Flexner book mentioned above. (Or pretty much anything he wrote.) But Understanding Wood Finishing (I have the 1999 version behind me right now) is the a great resource not only for early learning but for filling in detailed understanding.

How do you identify if a finish is lacquer, shellac, etc.? Why would you choose one finish over the another? How do you repair a dent in a table finish? Why does pine take finish differently than walnut and how to make one look more like the other? What kind of solvent do you need to thin short-oil varnish? When to use one brush type over another?

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