True two-hander films about professional relationships
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I'm looking for examples of true two-hander films where the two main characters have a professional helper/helpee dynamic. For example: lawyer/client, psychiatrist/patient, social worker/child. But the film needs to be BOTH their stories, as equally as possible.

A good example of this would be THE INSIDER. Or any other story where we spend roughly the same amount of time with each character and get their respective arcs and backstories, etc. Thank you!
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The Wire. Not a film, more than two characters, but several roles you mentioned are present- there are definitely pairs or sets of characters with these roles. You could certainly block out the time of a film, if you wish.
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The Intouchables might qualify (I haven't actually seen it, but it's on my list).
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Does it need to be fiction? If not check out the Painter and the Thief.
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I thought of the Intouchables, but I have seen it and I think the dynamic perpetuates some familiar racial tropes that might be problematic for some.
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I haven't seen the Intouchables, but will check it out (with a critical eye re: racial tropes.) Just wanted to flag that TV and Documentaries won't work for my purposes, but thanks!
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Philadelphia has this dynamic between Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. They are both definitely main characters, can't remember if they are the only ones though.
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Steel Toes
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