Open source/freeware: Volume limiting to a schedule on OS X
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Does anyone know of an app that will limit the system/application volume on OS X to a schedule that's either freeware or open source (OR failing that sub $7/£5 to buy?!) I've seen Element26 do one but it's just a bit steep for what it is. Thank you!
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I’m not exactly what you’re trying to do. I presume from your question that you are using High Sierra or later on APFS. Are you trying to restrict access to the ‘MacintoshHD’ APFS volume? If that was blocked, the computer would not boot. On the other hand, Parental Controls can be configured to block selected users (not just kids) from being able to log on, use certain apps, access certain files/servers, etc. according to a schedule.
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I think they're looking for something to automatically lower the audio volume.

There's probably a pretty easy way to do it as a script - I can't remember what Apples system scripting language is called, but even a Nash script should be able to do the job.
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To expand on my answer, I'd use some combination of these AppleScript commands, and then schedule it using the options here.
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