What Is This Thing That I Want (ladies leggings edition)
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Do these even exist and if so, how do I search for them? I'm looking for tights/leggings that have no crotch area. Details inside.

I'm an hour glass shaped lady. Tights always pull down because the waist is invariably too large on the sizes that fit my butt and hips. I can't stand the feel of the baggy crotch area. I want to wear my boyshorts underwear and then a pair of tights with no crotch area, over the underwear. Does such a thing exist? Is it called something specific? Googling "crotchless" anything is not getting me the item that I want.
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Would thigh high tights work? With or without a garter?
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Best answer: Search for "attached garter stockings". I THINK thats what youre looking for. Basically they're like thigh highs but you dont have to attach them to a garter belt because they come with one already attached.

They're the best. My favorite types of stockings.
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You could try just cutting that area out of a pair of nylons to see what happens--it shouldn't unravel because it's a knit fabric, but I kind of suspect the legs will fall down.

I've also read the tip to put underwear over the tights to keep them up but have not tried this myself.

Last but not least, have you tried sizing up? I find the pulling down thing tends to happen more when I have a pair of too-small tights which basically manifests in the legs becoming too short.
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I have two pairs of very expensive, defective Wolford tights that separated along the crotch seam. They didn't "run" like pantyhose. They just came apart a certain amount and that was it. But if you're doing it deliberately, you could take a couple of tight stitches at the beginning and end of where you want the opening to be.
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Best answer: I think I found what you want!

I did a search for 'ouvert tights' and got a ton of results. ("Ouvert knickers" is the classy term for crotchless panties, so thus my guess...) I haven't exactly tried any so I don't want to link anything precisely, but this seems to be a good lead. Just a heads-up that most of the copy is really selling the FOR SEXY TIMES aspect of the design.
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Best answer: Suspender tights
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I would take a tuck in the waistband of a pair that fit my hips, and then open the crotch seam as HotToddy suggests. If you start with a pair that’s unwearably infuriating now, you aren’t losing much even if it doesn’t work.

If you have a sewing machine, maybe a fine zigzag stitch outlining the open seam.
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Best answer: Came in to post what kalimac posted except I searched on "crotchless tights" and got the exact same result. To me these seem a little sturdier than the suspender/garter type because the outside of the hip area is not open.
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Best answer: Chaps-style leggings.
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Anecdotally, a friend of mine cut the crotch area out of a pair of tights for this reason, and it worked just fine for her. Not sure how long they held up after that though.
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Snagtights has mock garters that look awesome.
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If you're going to cut the crotch out of tights for actual wearing, make sure it has a gusset (separate diamond or triangle shape at the crotch) and that you cut inside the gusset seam. Otherwise the hole will stretch way too much and the tights will sag.
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I got tights like this at a stand near a train station in Taipei and if I were to buy more of them, I would search for "crotchless tights" as others have recommended.

Note that if you wear boyshorts over the tights, you don't have to move the tights to use the toilet. This is the advice given to newbie stocking + garter wearers but it seems to apply here too.
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Came in to post snagtights and I see I’ve been beaten to it by tipsyBumblebee. Ads appear in my social feeds all the time and people do genuinely seem to love them, especially anyone who’s taller/larger, as they do a wide range of sizes.
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