Donate plasma TV in Greater Boston?
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I have a 10+ year old Fujitsu Aviamo 50" plasma TV that I'd like to donate somewhere in the Greater Boston area. It works perfectly but it came with the house and it's time to upgrade. I can't envision selling it as the shipping costs would be greater than its value. I'm happy to drop it off somewhere.

This is a 100 pound TV that doesn't have speakers, but the picture is unbelievable. MSRP on this 10 years ago was in the $10k range which is incomprehensible to me.
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Could you call around to local charities (homeless shelters, women's shelters) or perhaps facilities with tight budgets, like retirement communities/nursing homes?
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Maybe call around to Skilled Nursing Facilities or Assisted Living facilities near you. They may want it for their common room, or maybe a resident would like a television. Ask to speak with their activity director, as they will have the best awareness of the situation.
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Your local Habitat ReStore might be interested...
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I had a similar situation. We bought a house in 2019 and the previous owner had left behind a Pioneer plasma tv. I offered it for free on Craigslist. It was gone within a day.

I acknowledge that this solution is not a donation to a charitable organization, but if your primary goal is to get it out of the house, offering it for free is the way to go.
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I've given away a lot of awkward and bulky stuff by offering it for free on Craigslist! It'd be totally fine to include in your post your preference for donating it.

This is an adaptation of my standard template for a Craigslist Free post:
This is a 10+ year old Fujitsu Aviamo 50" plasma TV. It has a fantastic picture, and it weighs 100 pounds. It does not have speakers. [Any other relevant details, specs, etc.]

I'd especially like to give this to a nonprofit or another group that serves people. For example, it could be a great TV in a community facility of some kind. If you're part of a group like that, please include that in your email to me.

Pick up near [cross streets]. I may also be able to deliver it if you're part of a nonprofit or similar group - let me know if you'd need that.

I'll delete this post when it's gone.
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What worked for me recently (but it was probably dumb luck) was when we bought new furniture we asked if the delivery guys would put all our old furniture at the curb for $100. They said sure but then asked about the old Vizio TV they saw. I said yeah, that needs to go too, but Township won't take it. It works but it's 12 years old and 75 pounds. They had me plug it in, prove that it worked, and poof it went too.
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I have found works well for old electronics.
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