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Difficulty re-upping my Duolingo Plus subscription due to no longer being able to get into Apple Pay and card expired

Last year when I started my Duolingo Plus subscription (457 day streak) I had an iPhone and used apple pay to get the subcription. I no longer have an iPhone. In addition, the card I had attached to that account expired.

I'd like to re-up my subscription and can't figure out how. Duolingo's app and website have no information about this (I still somehow have my subcription even though it's been over a year). I got an email from apple pay today prompting me to update my card in apple pay but I can't log into that account anymore.

Any ideas on how to do this?

I emailed the Duolingo team but haven't heard back.
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Best answer: I'm also a Duolingo user who switched from Apple to Android. What I did was let my subscription expire and then reactivated it again within the app. I didn't have any issues doing so and retained my streak.
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Can you go into the browser version and change your payment method there?
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