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I recently started watching "The Expanse" and I have a question. Spoilers inside for Season One, Episode 2: "The Big Empty".

Why was the rest of the crew aboard The Knight so upset that Holden broadcast that message right before they were pulled in to The Donnager? Like Holden said, they were dead anyway. Is it really something worthy of getting a gun pointed at you?
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Best answer: Holden just told everyone that he thinks Martian ships blew up an unarmed civvie freighter, just before the crew gets captured by Martians. If the Martians weren't already very angry at the crew, they are now. Holden may have had a point, but the rest of the crew might be hoping for more lenient treatment if they don't make trouble, and Holden giving their soon-to-be-captors a big middle finger made their lives potentially harder/shorter.
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Response by poster: Makes sense! Thanks.
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IIRC in the book this act was played more in a "Now the whole system knows we're survivors of The Cant and we're about to be taken into Martian custody, so we're much less likely to be disappeared" way. I believe the show dialed up everyone's animosity towards each other for dramatic effect.
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Popping in only to say that The Expanse is well-represented in the FanFare section if you like digging into stuff post-episode.

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