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I bought a Magic Chef 2.6 portable dryer(MCSDRY1S) to go along with the Silk Lux small washer referenced in one of my previous answers. I need to mount the dryer on the wall above the washer. The dryer came with an instruction booklet and the parts to hang this dryer on the wall. Unfortunately, I cannot figure it out from the booklet. I need to see a video of someone actually mounting the dryer on the wall using the provided hardware. But all the videos I find are of reviews, or other mounting methods, or both. Can someone with better google sense find me the elusive video of wall mounting using the hardware provided?
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I have no video or video-Googling tricks, but if you post photos of the hardware and the back of the dryer, we can probably talk you through it. The manual's instructions look pretty good, but a couple of points are confusing so pictures of the actual hardware are likely necessary. Do you intend to use the wood slats recommended in the instructions?
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Response by poster: jon1270, yes, I intend to use the wood slats shown in the instructions. They sent it packed with a couple of pieces of plywood I could cut to be the slats. The mounting parts are exactly as shown in the diagram.

Trust me though, I cannot put this thing on the wall without seeing someone else do it first. I know Mefites could walk me through, but I just don't have the mechanical skill or confidence. Or strength. I have to see a video before I attempt it.
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Best answer: I have not found and do not think I will be able to find a video of someone installing this according to the instructions in the manual, without modifications.

However, the mounting method itself looks pretty "standardized" (mount hooks to wall, slide holes in dryer frame onto hooks), so you could use a similar video for reference to visualize how it goes even though it's not exactly the same model. This one is a different washer model and doesn't include the stand-offs or vent, but shows how to do the steps 3,4 and 7 from the manual (mounting the slats, attaching the hooks, and lifting on the washer) and includes some good modeling of measurements, using a level, and pre-drilling pilot holes.
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Best answer: I suggested photos because the drawings don't show what types or sizes of fasteners were included. They recommend screwing into studs, which you should absolutely do since you're using slats, but since the instruction booklet lacks a "what's in the box" section, we don't know whether the fasteners included are appropriate. Similarly, we can't tell whether expanding anchors were included for an installation where you're not fastening to the studs.

The instructions don't specify the relative positions of the brackets, the wall spacers, and the top/bottom of the dryer. Those are all really important dimensions, so I'd suggest you start by screwing the brackets to the wood slats and also installing the standoffs/"wall spacers" at the bottom of the dryer. Then slip the bracket/slat assembly into the slots on the back of the dryer, and take some measurements. Note the distance from the top of the dryer to the top of the slat with the brackets mounted to it. Hold the second slat in position on the standoffs, and measure the distance between the upper and lower slats. Use those dimensions to mark the slats' appropriate positions on the wall.

One other issue I had with the instructions is that they say the dryer can be mounted as little as two inches from the ceiling, but they also tell you to tilt the dryer to 45 degrees when placing it on the hooks. Those two ideas don't seem compatible; you wouldn't be able to tilt the dryer to 45 degrees and simultaneously get it high enough to place on brackets high enough on the wall to put the unit 2" from the ceiling, because the upper front edge of the dryer would hit the ceiling first. However this is unlikely to matter unless you have unusually low ceilings.
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Response by poster: Jon1270, I do have unusually low ceilings, just 8' in this bathroom where I am putting the dryer. How do I figure how low the dryer has to be mounted from the ceiling to be able to tilt it 45 degrees to get it up there? I was planning on mounting it 6" down from the ceiling. Is that even possible?

My other option is to install a shelf 30" down from the ceiling and sit the dryer on that, and use an earthquake strap from the top to the dryer into a stud to make sure it doesn't fall off. I know how to install sturdy shelves. Is this a better option?
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Response by poster: I realized I could not attach this dryer to the wall without in-person muscle. I gave up and put it on a dresser. I actually like it better in this position because I don't have to worry about the landlord telling me to dismount it. Thanks for all your help.
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