What is the best peanut butter for making peanut butter blossoms?
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What is your preferred peanut butter for making peanut butter blossoms (those pb cookies with Hershey kisses on top), and why? If you have a fave recipe send that along too, but only if you include the brand/type of peanut butter that gives you the tastiest results.
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Oooh! We ate our way through a lot of peanut butter during COVID. And had to try different brands because of drive up availability.
My votes are:
Kirkland organic
Laura scudders

It has to be: roasted, peanuts only, salt. NO sugar or palm oil etc.
We have a preference for smooth but ya those two are (chefs kiss)
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Chefs kiss
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Fix and Fogg dark chocolate peanut butter is probably overpriced, but I bet it would make a heck of a peanut butter blossom.
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For peanut blossoms, my grandma/aunts/mom have always used either Jif or Skippy creamy. I’m partial to those brands because they make the cookies taste the way I feel like they’re “supposed” to taste. Natural peanut butter is good too but always seems to result in crumblier cookies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just comes down to preference.
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I’m in Canada, and some places we can find Planters smooth peanut butter. It is my preference for making cookies by far.
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Skippy (creamy, no sugar added) is my go-to, in part because, being a megacorp-pruduced food, they're able to mill the peanut solids down so fine that the melty-gooey quality really lends itself to baking (and sauces) where homogeneity is an asset. Their classic formula contains shortening (etc., being a prototypical American Industrial Food Product), which made my grandma really dig it. It's too sweet for me, though, and otherwise I don't notice a difference. Full disclosure: I worked in the Skippy factory when I was a teenager. These days I'm one of those left coast hardcore vegans who doesn't eat processed food outside of birthdays and holidays, but I 100% have my mom mail me a jar of Skippy for my birthday every year--I love peanut butter pie and my neighborhood grocery is so crunchy they don't even sell mass-market commercial food brands. Old habits die hard!
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We use Jif creamy for all our baking and confectionary needs, including blossoms (I honestly never knew that’s what they’re called) It works great and has a solid peanutty flavor.
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Yeah, people who've tested this say that the virtuous few-ingredients type may be best for eating on its own, but for baking you want the less classy supermarket brands. The difference is the emulsifiers which keep the oil and the solids blended together. They will also make your dough smoother and help it hold together better.
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Jif creamy. Been using it for peanut blossoms since I was a kid *mumble* years ago.
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Jif creamy for us as well. It is how we have always made our tit cookies.
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I'm late to this party, but wanted to chime in anyway.

My mother's signature cookie is a peanut butter blossom, but the kiss is replaced with a mini-Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. She uses chocolate peanut butter for the cookie.



They are fantastic. I cannot express how much I love them. They're so forking good.
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