How to watch Jeopardy! without a television or cable signal?
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For reasons, I no longer have a television signal. I do not have cable. If I would like to watch this week's episodes of Jeopardy!, are there streaming or other reasonable options available to watch those episodes, at or around the time they are broadcast, without getting my hands on an antenna or signing up for cable?
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They usually go up on Daily Motion for at least a day or two before they get deleted for copyright violations.
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Best answer: If locast is available in your area, it's your best option. USTVNow might also be a possibility, though it is only licensed for use overseas.
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Best answer: If you can spoof your GPS, can watch it in several cities. but it is on in NYC at 19:00 weekdays.
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A friend of mine watches via her YouTube TV subscription. I think they do a free trial, you could sign up and then cancel it after this week.
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Best answer: Maybe try: -- I'm not sure when or what channel...
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Best answer: Puffer is great. It'll be on Pacific Time, so watch at 10 pm EST/7 pm PST. Jeopardy is on ABC.
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It's unclear to me if you have a television.

If you do, do you have a coax cable? You can try to jerry rig an antenna using that coax and a length of wire you have lying around your house, and see if your signal from your local affiliate is strong enough for reception. It will be ugly, but it should work for a temporary antenna.

If you only have a laptop, you can try the same with a $20 RTL-SDR, but that will start costing money and won't arrive in time for tonight's episode.
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I refuse to buy cable and have mixed results with HDTV stations with my antennae. The last 3 years, I purchased Sling to watch College Football. This year, I purchased Hulu instead. Hulu was way better for the whole experience but it was spendy - maybe $45 a month. Both services have the feature of being ala cart without any commitments longer than a month at a time, but I sense you're looking for a much less expensive option.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips. Locast looks pretty good. Puffer appears to have a 500 concurrent stream limit, which might be an issue if too many are watching at the same time, but it looks useful, generally.
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You can also get a weeklong trial of Hulu + Live for free, which is what I did when I just wanted to watch the Macy's parade a couple months ago. I have since broken down and bought an indoor antenna, but canceling the free trial was super easy.
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Free trial of Netflix?
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Current episodes of Jeopardy are not available to stream on Netflix or Hulu. They both show the latest episodes are from Season 34, which was aired in 2017-2018. I know Hulu offers some live tv, so it may be there but I'm not sure.
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If you have a TV and are close to a city, you can straighten a paperclip and insert it into the coaxial / antenna jack, and it'll work as a makeshift antenna. Obviously it's not as a good as a regular antenna, but if it doesn't work, all you've lost is a paper clip.
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