Sugar the pill: Got a source for candied or honey-roasted brazil nuts?
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I've been eating two Brazil nuts per day to get a specific health benefit (because selenium supplements taste awful). I started off with these chili-lime ones, and they taste great, but the powder is messy (one more time I have to wash my hands) and I don't think my digestion loves chili powder first thing every morning. For some reason, I'm having trouble finding sweet flavored alternatives. Can you recommend a good source of candied or honey-roasted Brazil nuts?
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Best answer: has been great, and while it looks like all they have is chocolate-covered, well, they have chocolate-covered.
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How open are you to making them yourself? It's pretty easy and then you can use whatever flavor combos you like.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the ideas so far! I think if I have to make them myself I just won't get around to doing it. There are a ton of recipes, but yeah, I would prefer premade if possible. Part of this is that I'm trying to remove friction from the process of simply taking two nuts a day like medication, heh. Anything that adds steps makes me less likely to comply with this regimen. To that end, they also need to keep for a while, since I only eat two a day. So far, I like the chocolate-covered option best, but I'm interested in seeing any other options for sale!
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If my problem were your problem I'd just work on convincing myself that plain Brazil nuts are delicious.

This is actually pretty easy, because they are.
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One thing I’ve noticed about Brazil nuts is they seem to go rancid more quickly than other nuts, so if you’re not liking the flavor it could be that.
Try getting some fresher ones and store them in the freezer?
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