Where to find a piece of music from a 1945 film
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Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck has a sweet scene with dishy Dennis Morgan singing "The Wish That I Wish Tonight" and I want it!

Christmas in Connecticut 1945 features Dennis Morgan singing "The Wish That I Wish Tonight" and it's actually him singing - here's the youtube clip
I cannot find any recorded version by Dennis Morgan - there is a Jo Stafford which is sweet but I want the original by Morgan - any ideas?
If I have to rip it from youtube - ugh- what's the safest way to do so without bringing the garbage malware along? other than using someone else's computer :-)
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As far as I know, there is no officially released recording of him singing it. You would probably have to go through YouTube. It's not bad, though. Pull up your favorite search engine and search for youtube to mp3. A number of sites will come up that can do what you're looking for. You'll just need to copy and paste the URL of the video. I can't even name any because I just run that search any time I'm looking for something like that, and quite possibly use a different one each time.
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There was a 78 released in 1945 that seems to indicate a connection with the film. I don't think it's the version you're looking for, and can't see that anyone has made a digitisation available yet anyway.

Also this lovely recording with Trudy Erwin on vocals.
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